1. lvlossyoak's Avatar
    i downloaded a theme today and cant figure out how to upload it. ive search around but i only found something about midlet's whatever that is an that wanted me to download something els. i dont think i need to download tenn million thing to upload. im using the destop 4.7 version

    thanks john
    02-18-09 11:47 PM
  2. anon(96573)'s Avatar
    is it a .jad file or a .alx?
    02-18-09 11:49 PM
  3. lvlossyoak's Avatar
    .jad file im guessing ill have to convert it?
    02-18-09 11:50 PM
  4. anon(96573)'s Avatar
    Nope a .jad file all you have to do is click on the link using your phone. The .jad is a OTA (over the air) download. Using the browser on your phone go to the thread with the theme and click on the link. It will prompt you to install it.
    02-18-09 11:51 PM
  5. lvlossyoak's Avatar
    ohhhh i was wondering what OTA was that explains it. thank you
    02-18-09 11:53 PM