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    I am running the latest OS software and DM software for my BB Storm 9530. I was running out of room on the handset and so got the bright idea to uninstall BB Maps since I like Google Maps better. Here's the problem: I can't get BB Maps to reinstall to save my life. I have a third-party software (VQCarfinder) that only works with BB Maps, but here's what happens: When I go to the website on my BB and try to install through the handset, it sends me an email with a link. When I click on the link, it takes me to a site where I download BB Maps, but what actually downloads is a file called "lb_ribbon" which Carfinder does not recognize as BB Maps. I went to the site again to try to download through the desktop method, but I can only get so far and I get an "error" message. Help! How can I get BlackBerry Maps back on my phone so that my Carfinder app recognizes it???
    03-28-10 02:33 PM
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    I am having the same problem with my tour. I tried everything you did and same result. I just went with google maps, it seems better in many respects. However, like you I want my dang bb maps! Help us.
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    04-06-10 12:12 AM
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    same here...nothing seems to work and I can't find a legitimate download site.
    04-30-10 09:10 AM
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    I think I found the problem: "BlackBerry Maps is only available on devices running device software v4.1 or v4.2.x." I have the newest device software (v5.0.1) and I guess it doesn't come standard on this.
    04-30-10 09:29 AM
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    You cannot download it OTA, you must connect your phone to desktop manager and load it that way. That is the ONLY way I know of.

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    04-30-10 09:37 AM
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    If you go option»application»add-on (if you see the bb map then its os or hybrid your using cause of the problem).

    download the link and extract the file then drag the file to java folder of your os and see if it works for you guys.
    Driphter.com - Willyboy 95xx v1.1/v1.2 BBMaps

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    04-30-10 09:47 AM