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    I have a storm running on tmobile. I found a fix to always get an EDGE and did it..it worked the first time and was fine for a few months but then it stopped working so I did it again. When I did my phone stopped having any data service. There are no entries in the host routing table..Ive reregistered my device a million times and its not working. Ive been on the phone with tmobile (they are no help) I read all the post about this but nothing has fixed it. I know someone out there can help me...or at least I hope!!
    06-04-10 08:37 AM
  2. B.builder_1's Avatar
    This must be a Tmobile issue because I am having the same problem!
    06-04-10 08:47 AM
  3. loriann82's Avatar
    Im trying to figure out if I did this or if its just another problem on tmobiles half. I did mess with changing the os so I thought it was my fault, did you do anything to the phone or did it just stop on its own? I read some people were told they needed new phones because of this. how bad does it suck if we need to get new phones because of tmobile?
    06-04-10 08:51 AM
  4. lrussell8962's Avatar
    I have the same problem too. its been about a week and t-mobile has not helped at all. i am going to try and reset all the service books again. let you know if that works
    06-04-10 02:54 PM
  5. loriann82's Avatar
    I pretty much gave up trying to fix it..I did different odds n ends for 3 days. Im noe demanding they give me a replacement..Since they dont carry the storm I dont know what they will do but they better do something! Here is an email with different steps the tmobile rim rep sent me maybe it will work for you!

    To switch to GSM / EDGE from the default setting of 1X/EVDO, proceed as follows:

    Go to Menu.
    Select Options.
    Then go to and tap Mobile Network.
    Tap Network Technology.
    Next to Network Technology change the option from global or any other setting to GSM / UMTS.
    Next to Network Mode change the option to 2G.
    Register the device and initiate the download of service books:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Select Host Routing Table.
    Press the Menu key.
    Select Register Now.

    Service Books

    Log in to MyT-Mobile from your desktop.
    Set the phone model to BlackBerry® 8800 from T-Mobile.
    Click the link Set up BlackBerry Internet E-mail.
    Enter in the PIN and IMEI number.
    Note: To view this information - Scroll to and select Options and then select Status.
    Enter a valid email address and password. (Optional - If skipping this step press cancel.)
    On the left column select Service Books.
    Send Service Books

    Clear the network status:

    Remove the battery to device and sim card.
    Wait approximately one minute.
    Insert the battery and power on the device.
    Check the device APN:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Select TCP.
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    Username: <Blank>
    Password: <Blank>
    Save Settings.
    Enable the browser:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Scroll to and select Browser Settings
    Set all browser settings to T-Mobile (When Available)

    If on the first attempt you cannot access the browser, remove the battery and sim card for one minute, then reassemble the phone.
    06-04-10 08:41 PM