1. wmscottmc's Avatar
    Im traveling to Mexico soon, I dont want to be stuck with a huge bill for all incoming texts, emails..... I heard this expensive fast.

    I probably dont even need to have internet access while down there. but I would like the phone to work, Ill need to make an occasinal call.

    Whats the best procedure to disable my data plan for a week, while still keeping the phone functionality?

    Can I just turn off "data services" before I go, or do I need to have Verizon do something?

    05-14-09 03:14 PM
  2. Ravr's Avatar
    Switch over to the Nationwide + Mexico plan for your duration while in Mexico. Then switch back and you will be prorated for however long your there. You'll have to check details.
    05-14-09 04:31 PM
  3. carlos31820's Avatar
    I am in Honduras right now. I called Verizon global support and had them put me on the unlimited Global data plan. This would normally cost $60 per month but Verizon will let you turn it off sooner than that and just prorate it. In other words pay about $2 per day for however long you are there. They also enabled my sim card and the phone and data has worked like a champ even in remote areas.

    Keep in mind that the global data plan only covers data. I was told by Verizon that text messages would cost .50 to send and .05 cents to receive. Phone calls are priced at whatever rate is in effect for that particular country. Here in Honduras I have to pay about $2.50 per minute. Needless to say, I have not called anyone. Since email and data is unlimited, I have been just sending emails.

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    05-14-09 05:27 PM
  4. Khalnath's Avatar
    I was told by Verizon that text messages would cost .50 to send and .05 cents to receive.
    Heh. Watch yourself when it comes to that Verizon Math. They've proven before that they don't know the difference between fractions of a dollar and fractions of a cent.

    It's funny because I'm not a Verizon customer. If I were, I'm sure I'd be less amused.
    05-14-09 05:39 PM