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    Okay so I came across someone who wanted to trade their storm (no problems with it, looked brand new) for my curve (same condition, no problems). 2 Home chargers, a car charger, and a case included with his Storm and my Curve came with one home charger and 4 cases (what? I like cases ). He wanted an even trade, no money involved. So I agreed thinking "if the Storm turns out to be as bad as its reputation, I can sell it for enough to buy another used Curve and still have extra money" so either way I was going to come out ahead.

    So I traded him friday night and I immediately bought another case for it () and when I got it home, I upgraded it to .148 (it had the original OS on it still ) and transferred all my backed up stuff onto it that I got off my Curve before I parted with it. Before upgrading the OS I saw several problems. One time the camera was constantly showing on the screen on top of whatever I was doing, I couldn't get wallpapers to show up right, they were centered really weird, etc. After upgrading I've seen almost no problems whatsoever.

    I was afraid I would miss my keyboard (and I do a little...) but I'm actually getting pretty good at the Storms keyboards. I had an LG Dare at one point and this keyboard is way better. I guess the keyboard is honestly the only thing I miss... The Storm is so much more sexy, the camera is way better, the screen is much larger and clearer, the UI looks so much nicer than the Curve's toned down version, apps run so much faster than on my Curve, the GPS gets my location faster, etc.

    So I know this is almost more of a Rave for the Rant/Rave forum and if it should be there, than feel free to move it if a mod reads this. The reason I put it here is because I wasn't trying to say that all the people complaining are wrong because I'm sure some have issues I haven't seen or some are in different situations. This thread is more of a comparison to the Curve and my BB trade adventure.
    05-24-09 04:13 AM
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    I wish I meet some idiotic people in the future. You just beat him over the head dead

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    05-24-09 07:25 AM
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    You'll get used to the typing...give it time.

    As for the camera...as much as i love my Storm, they're about the same to me. I still have my Curve and i use it for things like games, password keeper, memos (so i can keep my Storm memory free'd up), and still take pics with it. That's my one disappointment with the Storm is a 3.2mp camera should take better pics, but it works good enough.

    Nice deal ya got there dude!

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    05-24-09 09:23 AM
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    To me the camera is not important. I removed it as a hot key so it won't accidently turn on by hitting the button. Cameras on phones are lousy at best and nothing more than a gimmick.
    05-24-09 09:18 PM
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    i got one of my friends a Storm in the same exact way ... I knew a girl that had one and hated it and wanted a Storm so they just even swapped.
    05-24-09 10:17 PM
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    I'm already getting faster with the keyboard (tweaking some of the options helped a little) and I agree that they camera isn't as good as I expected, but it is definitely better than my Curve's imo. My LG Dare had a 3.2mp camera also and it seemed nicer than this one. That doesn't really matter though, the pics are good enough for me and when they aren't, I have an actual camera haha
    05-24-09 11:03 PM