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    Every time I try to add somone to my contacts or just try to send an email, the touchscreen is slow to respond, sometimes i click on a letter (say 's' for example) the touchscreen highlights it but it types something around that letter and not actually the 's' per say. Is there a way to rectify this so I don't keep fat-fingering all the time?

    Also, as stated before, i might try to type any word kinda fast and the phone just hangs and does not do anything, until like 5 seconds later it decides to display the first and maybe the second letter of the word i just typed. This is pretty much making this device useless for me if I can't type anything.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated

    02-24-09 12:37 PM
  2. rperez07's Avatar
    Anyone have any ideas on this? I'll take all the help I can get on this.

    02-26-09 07:06 PM
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    Try clearing the memory and updating the OS. Are there apps running in the background that might be chewing up resources? Those are sort of typical responses but they can really make a difference

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    02-26-09 08:33 PM
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    Are there instructions on how to do this? Phone is about two months old and I have yet to add any applications to it that could be lurking in the background.

    Thanks again!
    02-26-09 10:20 PM