1. Mikebackman's Avatar
    i am one of those guys that is looking for a time tracking app. i have tried time tracker, time logger. and biztrackit. they all suck i did however find a weird app called timelogmagic that is created by a site that seems to have been abandoned. any way this program is great if you can deal with the fact that it is clearly not designed for the storm. I have figured out how to use it. the trick is when you are editing any of the options. the multiple choice options dont scroll. you need to pull up the keyboard and use the first letter of the option you want . can any one explain why this app exist and works almost perfect and the creators have diapered
    02-22-09 05:31 PM
  2. cmisak's Avatar
    You liked "TimeLogMagic"

    did you find any documentation on it because i'm having trouble making it work for me... every phone call i make personal or not it asks about a job.. and only 1 of the jobs never anything else and i feel like i've linked them to the correct contact...

    Or have you found a better application?

    let me know thanks for any help!
    03-09-09 01:55 AM