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    Hello, I'm new to BB and smartphones altogether. I've read through a good number of the threads and have gotten just about everything set up on my new storm 9530.

    The one thing I really need to change is the clock setting so that it changes to the correct local time when I cross time zones.

    I did go to the options>date/time and set the source time to network instead of BB, but it still stays on central time no matter where I go.

    Any help would be appreciated, this is the last thing I need and everything will be set up perfectly thanks to the tips from this site.

    oh and it is software version 4.7
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    I'm pretty sure this isn't an option on the storm. The only option it has says home time zone and no option for like my location or anything like that. Sorry to burst your bubble lol

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    03-05-09 03:15 AM
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    You have to select the time zone manually when you change time zones with a BlackBerry. There's no setting to enable this. Network Time is usually the Time Source you want to use, to keep the minutes and seconds correct.

    There's a complete explanation of how RIM handles time zones in the Time Zone Issues thread that's linked in my sig.
    03-05-09 05:57 AM