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    I am officially leaving the world of Blackberry.

    As i have seen many of these over the past 2 years, i should tell you i don't leave full of hate like many others.

    I only owned 1 Blackberry - Storm 9500.

    I am leaving purely because of the following reasons.

    Over in the UK Blackberry is starting to Boom. All the major Service Providers are basically giving them away. Everyone's got them. Great for BBM but the straw that broke the camels back was when an old aged relative of mine purchased one. I became uncool in my eyes.

    Also I'm a big gadget geek, previous phone was an all singing all dancing Nokia N95 and i was sucked into all the hype around Blackberry and there first touch screen. As i think is now the common consensus it wasn't anywhere near good enough. It didn't sing it barely even danced. Simply put i was disappointed but attempted to stick with it, installing every new OS leak or Hybrid that came along & when OS 5 hit, there was a significant jump in improvement. Then it ground to a halt again, obviously at point in time when RIM put its focus on OS 6.

    So i've been sitting on this for 2 years now...Its slightly better than when i brought it but NOTHING in comparison to either my N95 or my iPod Touch.
    Constant lag and constant loading issues.

    Something that has always tickled me is that top App on App World was something to assist with Memory and battery life - Just proves it didn't work.

    So before i contradict my "full of hate" line. My final reason is iPhone 4. Not just the phone but everything that comes with it.

    Blackberrys and RIM are about 1 year behind everyone else and are more reactive than proactive. Don't get it twisted when the release something and get it right they get it well right, 9700 Bold for instance.

    The biggest thing i love most about Blackberry though is the Community. I used to use "Symbian-Freak" with my Nokia and it was a good news outlet but the Forum was poor. Crackberry.com is the best community i've found. Forum is second to none and news outlet is bang on so for this i applaud you all.

    If i see someone with a blackberry i will continue to send them your way.

    06-08-10 04:46 AM
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    From what I have seen the iPhone 4 looks to be a good choice... your only problem is that if you think a BB is uncool because everyone has one... do they really not sell that many iPhones in the UK???

    To me the BB is "uncool" because it is so dated. If you were to put the iPhone 4 next to a 9800 (and probably even a S3) you would think that the BB were a models from a year or two ago...
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    06-09-10 10:27 AM