11-22-08 12:43 AM
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  1. SFXBrandon's Avatar
    I am coming from a Motorola Razr.

    I think for damn sure that the storm is a HUGE upgrade.

    Maybe all of you are so spoiled that you forget what it is like to be someone like me. There may be some bugs, but everything I have ever used has problems in the beginning.

    Video Games, for instance, ALWAYS have bugs. It doesn't matter how long the game is in beta. It takes time to roll out updates to fix what people are complaining about. Even top video game companies like SOE and Blizzard put out buggy games.

    So, my blackberry will be shipped sometime next month and I will be a happy little child with a new toy. For now, I have to read all of your complaints. Cheer up and be glad that you got the damn thing. meanwhile, I have a Razr that has both of its screens busted.
    11-22-08 12:39 AM
  2. the1sen's Avatar
    i traded in my iPhone for the Storm today. Picked mine up at Costco (first one they sold) and got the accessories free and no activation fee.

    to be really honest, i didn't like the Storm at first after coming from the iPhone. I thought i would just get a Curve in a few days when the Mania died down since they were out...

    now, after spending the day with it, i am typing faster than i ever did on my iPhone in the QWERTY keyboard and even faster with the SureType Keyboard. my 7130 was not really much different from the Storm, aside from the glitz and glamor.

    i'm so grateful to be back on Verizon and even more glad to get my emails - as my iPhone stopped fetching emails about 5 months ago and i would have to check all 4 of my accounts manually throughout the day. a real PITA and waste of battery. what a difference between the two phones.

    i really wanted to like my iphone - and in some ways i did, but between att svc, and perpetually checking my email, it was quite difficult. you would have to have owned and used an iphone to appreciate the subtle effectiveness of the phone, and it's very strong and detracting detriments i speak of. the iPhone does some things well, but it is NOT a business phone. the Storm is.

    i'm so glad i am back on Verizon and with my fix of the crack... i'm a power user and the phone suits my needs in the absence of a Bold on Verizon.

    Oh, and no crashes, or any other miscreant type behavior from my unit. the transitions seem slow, but i think that's just the animation needing to be sped up... not the phone lagging.
    11-22-08 12:43 AM
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