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    SO yesterday i did like many people and connected my blackberry storm to the DM and accidently downgraded from .82 to .76.

    At first i thought nothing of it and decided to stick with it to see what could happen.

    It was working fine but i noticed that the accelerometer was acting a little funny, as if it purposely switched to landscape mode for no reason. For example, whenever i laid my phone down on a table it would automatically switch to landscape mode, which would drive me nuts. On top of that it took forever to switch back to portrait mode.

    As the hours rolled on by i noticed that the accelerometer worsening, to the point that the screen was changing when you barely touch it.

    this is when i began my quest to upgrade my platform again.

    that is when i stumbled upon this.

    www blackberryforums com/general-9500-series-discussion-storm/160761-latest-os-9530-v4-7-0-92-4-7-0-65-english.html

    another thread pointed this link out but i wanted to let all those that downgraded to switch back. i notice a big difference between both platforms especially with the accelerometer as well as speed of the . 65 software.

    so i hope this helps all those that rolled back
    11-22-08 04:25 PM
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    11-22-08 04:27 PM