1. MorningAngelus's Avatar
    I've found that a big issue with the Storm is the lack to turn the volume up to a decent level. Currently, I'm using Radius Atomic Bass earbuds and they're great in quiet environments, but in a loud gym it's tough to drown out the ambient noise. Is anyone using some great earbuds/earphones that they could recommend? For example; something with inline volume controls. Thanks in advance!
    02-08-09 11:37 PM
  2. Moncha#CB's Avatar
    I use the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB. These are the closest thing to having actual headphones on. I'd still like the Storm's volume to be a little higher but these cut the BG noise like crazy.

    Super.fi 5 EB - Store - Ultimate Ears Earphones Headphones Personal Monitors
    02-08-09 11:47 PM
  3. zazzified's Avatar
    I use my Shure e2cs.
    02-08-09 11:56 PM
  4. BrianW2007's Avatar
    I use my Shure e5's. Kind of pricey, but i wouldn't trade the quality for anything else. (I owned them prior to my storm.)
    02-09-09 12:05 AM
  5. zazzified's Avatar
    I use my Shure e5's. Kind of pricey, but i wouldn't trade the quality for anything else. (I owned them prior to my storm.)
    Shure FTW.
    02-09-09 12:07 AM
  6. BrianW2007's Avatar
    Shure FTW.
    For "shure" LOL. .. sorry...
    02-09-09 12:09 AM
  7. zazzified's Avatar
    LOL. They really are great though... mine were about $100 and I've had them for a few years so I don't think it's that unreasonable considering I expect them to last at least a few more years.
    02-09-09 12:13 AM
  8. himurak's Avatar
    I use my iPod headphones
    02-09-09 12:24 AM
  9. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    First thing first... what is your price limit????

    and make sure you turn on audio boost
    open media/blackberry button/options/media boost ON

    I have the Sony MDR-EX75 I got them for $30 ish

    check out a review for them
    Review: Sony MDR-EX75 Stereo Headphones | iLounge
    02-09-09 12:27 AM
  10. NJ Valid's Avatar
    02-09-09 12:28 AM
  11. Dbajpai's Avatar
    I just bought a pair of shure i2c on amazon tonight for $40. I bought them for the microphone but I've been using Ue superfi 5 pros. Great sound on them.

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    02-09-09 12:38 AM
  12. 48hughey's Avatar
    Motorola Stereo Bluetooth S9

    Loud with great bass response and built in volume/skip controls...
    02-09-09 12:41 AM
  13. Iridox's Avatar
    Apple in-ear headphones.

    I have applecare on my macbook, so it's a good investment
    02-09-09 01:44 AM
  14. NorCalStorm's Avatar
    I love my Blackberry Premium headphones. They bump! Look awesome too!

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    02-09-09 03:17 AM
  15. TUCRACEMAN's Avatar
    Lightspeed Zulu.
    02-09-09 05:07 AM
  16. Guzman's Avatar
    jaybird bt 200's ... PLENTY of volume and double as communication.

    i wear them under my motorcycle helmet and when i get a call i pull over and talk fine. however... in all honesty riding down the road i can hear perfectly the caller or the music... but they can't understand me from wind noise....
    02-09-09 07:49 AM
  17. pmd5498's Avatar
    I use my sony headphones from my mp3 player oh and Nj Valid nice avatar Forca Portugal
    02-09-09 07:51 AM
  18. Doughdaddy's Avatar
    Bluetrek ST1, they also double as a hands free headset.
    02-09-09 07:52 AM
  19. cslave's Avatar
    I use my Beyerdynamics DT880's or my old Senn HD485.

    Outside a cheap-o pair of Panasonic buds from Target do just fine...
    02-09-09 08:16 AM
  20. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    Right now I use the RIM Premium ear buds. Someone stole my S9's
    02-09-09 08:37 AM
  21. cnn888's Avatar
    try MonsterCable's Dr. Dre series... fantastic...
    02-09-09 09:23 AM
  22. archer823's Avatar
    Here a vote for the Vibe Duo.

    On a side note, I like my earbuds, but I'd like media controls via BT. Anyone know of any device besides the Jabra BT-3030"dogtag" that would give my current set and make them into a BT earbuds?
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    02-09-09 09:35 AM
  23. kyopo's Avatar
    I am using Shure SE310 with the music phone adapter. The earbuds are great but the microphone of the adapter is a little too sensitive and picks up more background noise than I would like.

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    02-09-09 09:43 AM
  24. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    Shure SE420MPA, for me...
    02-09-09 09:50 AM
  25. Stormer1122's Avatar
    Using Samsung SBH500 stereo bluetooth. Works great and sound volume is not a problem. Double as hands free too.
    02-09-09 11:07 AM
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