1. owensch1's Avatar
    I keep turning the speakerphone on or muting it with my cheek. Anything i can adjust??
    11-22-08 05:28 PM
  2. imann101's Avatar
    yea, don't press it when you're talking.

    It needs to be clicked so if you dont push against it, it wont click! haha
    11-22-08 05:29 PM
  3. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    I've had the same prob with mine, but I spend most of my usage w/ my bluetooth
    11-22-08 05:31 PM
  4. owensch1's Avatar
    I do it when i try and hold it without my hands, you know the old cheek and shoulder hold
    11-22-08 05:32 PM
  5. Sooks's Avatar
    just hit the lock key if its an issue
    11-22-08 05:32 PM
  6. stevenpow's Avatar
    Im sorry but there is no proximity sensor on the storm
    11-22-08 11:48 PM
  7. cbrown9064's Avatar
    It does sense the magnet in the case.

    Being a newbie to BBs, what exactly are you referencing in regards to a "Proximity Sensor"? Is this something different than the magnet sensor?

    11-30-08 02:02 PM