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    So im still on a quest to restore BBM on my phone and i was browsing the internet and a few years ago someone put up the actual core apps .alx files from the older versions of the phones.

    Is there a way to do this with the storm? i just need the core applications from any version preferably .75 since thats the version im running on.

    So if possible could someone PLEASE find a way to get just the alx/cod files from one of the OS's. since i have never used DM i dont know if there is a way to just find individual .axl/cod files within the program and post them up. if so all i really need is BBM but if it has to be the whole core apps file then i'll take it.

    BTW i know many will say that i could just do it myself through DM but as i have stated before i have no access to a PC since my whole college is run off of Macs so anyone in this area all have Macs. Verizon wont install it for me and i dont have the money to go out and buy Windows and another program just to run it. so im trying to exhaust all of my options

    thank you
    02-25-09 12:36 AM