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    I wanted to thank all the people who posted help when I needed it and to those who took the time to upgrade its OS when Verizon was unwilling/unable to do so. It made it more tolerable to use. I recently switched to the droid incredible and am very happy with it. I just wish RIMM's internet was on par with the android system because if it was I would never have switched. I will see what RIMM comes out with in the future and maybe buy one of their phones again.
    Good luck to all and thanks again.
    07-06-10 07:26 AM
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    Kind of like comparing DSL with dial up and saying dial up was horrible...........AFTER DSL came.
    Or saying a Model-T car sucks compared with the new Camaro. Different eras, differing times.
    Can't denigrate old technology when comparing it to new. Just 'evolution' of the technology.
    My old original cell phone sure sucked because it couldn't connect to the internet at all !!!

    Apples/ Oranges.

    BUT. With that said I will be doing the same. Probably Droid X here shortly.
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    07-06-10 08:27 AM