1. wildmonk's Avatar
    ok so i am messing around with the texting on the storm. i havent gotten into the mms yet but the sms i have been using and i dont really like how its set up out of the box. its showing me the inbox and the sent folder on the same screen thats really driving me crazy. anybody know where i can change that at so i would have to select my sent folder if i wanted to look at it? im just hoping the mms messages dont get dumped into the same place as well i dont generally delete those.
    11-21-08 05:57 PM
  2. StormUsage's Avatar
    I chose to "hide" my sent messages but would also like to know if there is a folder somewhere I can go back to look at them.
    11-21-08 06:02 PM
  3. wildmonk's Avatar
    yeah i did find the hide sent but really not wanting the mms messages in that folder hoping that doesnt happen. i do wish they would let me type out more than 160 characters and split it up on its own.
    11-21-08 06:21 PM
  4. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    From your inbox, hit the munu button, then click on "view folder." You'll see a folder for MMS Outbox and one for SMS Outbox.
    11-21-08 06:23 PM
  5. StormUsage's Avatar
    What about sent emails? Is there a way to reference those?
    11-21-08 06:26 PM
  6. wildmonk's Avatar
    i dont care to look at the outbox on either of them...i dont want the INBOX combined. thats what i am refering to.
    11-21-08 06:33 PM
  7. StormUsage's Avatar
    They have their own seperate folders as well. Its simple to tell if its an email or SMS even though everything appears in the "messages" folder because of the other folder options.
    11-21-08 06:34 PM
  8. StormUsage's Avatar
    I would still like to know if there is a way to reference sent emails also however.
    11-21-08 06:34 PM