1. icw's Avatar
    I have had my old storm 9500 unlocked for my wife so she can use a 10 per month tesco contract. (500 mins unlimted texts and unlimted dat etc)

    I have managed to install Opera mini on the storm. but obviously i need to put the tesco settings in.
    I have found on the internet the settings for tesco
    which contains Homepage, access point, gateway, username, password, sessiontype, port number, authentication etc

    However on the storm if i go to adv options and TCP/IP settings it only allows me to put in a APN name and a username and password.

    So far I have put in prepay.tesco-mobile.com as the APN
    tescowap as the username
    and password for password - howvere there is still no Internet access

    can anyone advise?
    09-18-10 03:07 PM
  2. icw's Avatar
    In case anyone else out there has the same problem. you absolutely CANNOT use a blackberry storm 9500 to access the internet on a Tesco contract.

    Although they have told me that it should be supported from the end of Oct 2010
    09-19-10 11:18 AM