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    I have a quick question, i currently have an unlocked Telus S2, however after a wonderful trip to the states and a 600$ phone bill later Telus has disabled my account until i can couch up the $600 plus this months $120... Since i have some other expenses this month due to moving etc, i was hoping to take advantage of Rogers new pre-paid blackberry plans for 1 month while i top my bank account back up.

    I know i will only be able to run on EDGE, however i am more specifically wondering if i will be able to receive any data on the Telus phone because the PIN is assigned to a Telus account. I do not care about web browsing really (although Poynt is one of my most used apps), i am more concerned about receiving my emails, bbm, and a few phone calls. I know the voice side of things will work no problem, but i don't want to give Rogers money for a bb data plan to only find out that since i have an outstanding balance with Telus, the pin will block data usage.

    I only need to get this phone up and running for a month before i can pay Telus, and worst comes to worst i will just go with a voice plan, but hey if i can spend $65 on a rogers pre-paid voice and bb plan i will be in better shape.

    Does anyone know if i will be able to get data on Rogers with my pin attached to Telus?
    08-25-10 03:43 PM