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    hey all,

    i found this over at Berryreview,

    i am guessing this works on Telus for sure, but can someone test it on Bell?

    thanks a lot

    "I know this only interests a small portion of our readers but I thought TELUS Storm users might appreciate this. ste7enm was a bit tired of waiting for TELUS to slowly release version 4 of TELUS Navigator which brings support for the 9530 Storm. He decided to do a bit of sleuthing and discovered a OTA link for TELUS Navigator v4 online!

    According to him this version works great on the storm and transitions between screens is nicer. It also has an updater function for you to be able to update the the official release once it is released. Personally I have a few caveats about BlackBerry GPS navigation without on device maps but I guess some people are into it."

    02-09-09 05:55 PM
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    WOW...just downloaded it and it says free 30 day trial and then telus will start charging you automatically $10 per month after that. You have to call to cancel it!!!

    its auto billing if you accept it and use it!

    No thanks...I will stick with BBMaps.

    I doubt you can use this on the BELL or any other network as it asks TELUS for activiation!
    02-09-09 07:09 PM
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    I read that a user on an unlocked storm on att is using vznav for free. Maybe it is the same in this case. Ha well I just downloaded so. Guess we will see

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    02-09-09 07:48 PM
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    Eh I got a connection not available please try again later. This does not work on vzw for anyone who tries

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    02-09-09 07:50 PM
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    Thanks for the post! I will have to check it out being a Telus user
    02-09-09 07:53 PM
  6. inc188's Avatar

    Let's test it out & see wat happens. I wud on my bell, but unfortunately I hv an IT policy tat blocks shtuff

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    02-10-09 12:56 AM