1. chill669's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    looking to purchase either the new Storm2 9550 (Telus) or the Bold 9700 (Telus). I really liked playing with the Storm2, and was actually quite fond of the keypad. However, the one thing that is hurting that decision is going with the old CDMA network for browsing internet, wheras the Bold 9700 runs on their HSPA or HSPA+ network.

    What is the realistic speed difference in the two? Any ideas? I need to accquire the phone today as the promotion is over at tonight. Any comments would be great.

    03-31-10 08:34 AM
  2. Sparro's Avatar
    The 9700 on HSPA+ is faster! I got a friend with the 9700 and his browsing speed loads pages before my 9550 and in my house I have 0 bars showing and he has FULL bars showing!
    I too wanted the new network, but I really like the S2 so i had no choice but to stick with CDMA.
    I'm waiting for the S3 to drop... so rumours say as early as June or July and it is said that the S3 with be HSPA!
    03-31-10 09:47 AM
  3. chill669's Avatar
    Cool. Thanks for your input.
    03-31-10 10:58 AM
  4. GlitchZero's Avatar
    Er, I dunno about the bars thing..The CDMA network is much bigger with more towers running the CDMA technology, and compared to my friends iPhone on the HSPA+ network, I usually have better signal in more areas, and we live in a very metro city. (no lack of coverage for either network) I won't deny the HSPA+ network is faster (much faster), but you have to remember the 9700 is still only capable of download speeds of up to 3.2 (or 3.7? ) MB/s, which is taking advantage of nowhere near the full potential of the HSPA+ network, which is up to 21 MB/s.

    It's personal preference. With both being WiFi enabled, Opera capable, etc, neither is 'slow' persay. As well, they both have the same crappy Native Browser, and no network is going to make that thing work like it should. I've never had any speed issues on the CDMA network using Opera or the Native, I just prefer Opera.

    I think it really boils down to which phone you like better. Both are great choices, and the CDMA network isn't going anywhere for quite a while.
    03-31-10 12:08 PM