1. Kurupt_i's Avatar
    I orderd my phone tuesday night, yes, 3 days ago. I got an email at 6am today with my order number. Sweet, now i should be expecting a tracking number right? It says i paid to have it Fed Ex before 12pm sat. I called telesales witht the number and extension provided, after a confusing 8 min of trying to figure out who i am and why my order number was the same as somebody elses they said i was suppose to go to the west coast sector. I get transfered over the west coast sector and after about 15 min the guy says my card got declined and it wasnt sent, 5 min later he retracted that and said it was accepted and processed 4 hours ago, however he has no tracking number and said orders processed today might not be sent out until the 25th.

    UHhhh hello,@ I F'n called three days in advance! Santa Clause better be ringing my door bell tomorrow morning or Verizon is going to pay for this one.
    11-21-08 07:16 PM
  2. jkaver's Avatar
    I feel your pain, my telesales (VIP) line said they would call me last night at 10pm to put in my order for saturday delivery. Didn't happen. I called early this am, VIP sales took my order for 2 storms, and ran out of them while I was on the phone, put it in for delivery next tuesday. Then I thought, why not see if my local store has some. Lo and behold I got 2 there. While there, they checked my VIP order#, and it had been cancelled. I was never notified. Tell you what, I would have been PISSED on tuesday!
    11-21-08 07:22 PM
  3. Kurupt_i's Avatar
    yeah if they dont hold up to their end if the deal, i am going to tell them to cancel the order they messed up, there for not renewing my NE2 and I am going to jump ship to the iphone, verizon can kiss my *** for this mess up.
    11-21-08 07:28 PM