1. 1812dave's Avatar
    gotta love how AT&T spins the facts:

    AT&T Response to Verizon Ad

    1. they claim their 3g network covers 75% of the population WHERE THEY LIVE AND WORK. ah, hey, gang, how about "where they might drive or vacation" also? Sounds to me as if they are really claiming that they blanket urban areas.

    2. then they mention EDGE which covers 96% of the population. yeah, well, who gives a flip for EDGE?? LOL!

    3. they brag about 100,000 apps. comical. most of those apps are worthless nonsense. I have a Touch and I've seen the apps. There's just a few dozen at best, that the average person would want.

    4. Then they take potshots directly at Verizon including how AT&T has the fastest 3G network. Hmmm...don't I read every day that people can't get their iPhones to work much of the time for calls or data services???

    AT&T can blather all they like--consumers talk to one another and the word has spread. AT&T should just suck it up and deliver a better experience.
    11-13-09 05:59 PM
  2. hydroz_23's Avatar
    and nothing to back those statements up with. lol!
    11-13-09 06:01 PM
  3. r.santa1's Avatar
    Att sucks for coverage. I travel and I can't believe anyone actually hasn't sued them over their laptop card ads

    Verizon card works everywher the att card didn't.

    If not for iPhone att would he worse off than sprint

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    11-13-09 06:33 PM