1. MadMask's Avatar
    Is there any way to make all the contacts not sync with any type of email? I had 3 emails on my phone and all 3 of them started syncing different contacts. Two of those emails were gmail and one BES. Is there a way to change them with out deleting all of them and starting from the beginning?
    06-16-10 09:02 AM
  2. bigwill0815's Avatar
    go to your email set up and click the email sync drop down and uncheck the contacts box
    06-16-10 01:41 PM
  3. robocp4's Avatar
    I also have this problem but I u checked the box and still have contacts synced. I do not want any sync with email.
    I unchecked the box.... Nothing
    Deleted email.....nothing
    Readd email... Nothing
    I go to add a new contact and it tells me I have to sync.

    HELP!!!!!!!! Idk what else to do.

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    09-23-10 03:02 PM