1. kakcpa's Avatar
    Hello. I'm enjoying my Storm so far.

    Have a question with Synch. Keep in mind, i'm a BB newbie, coming off a Samsung i760, running windows mobile.

    When I run the BB desktop mgr, with the BB connected via USB, it seems I have to go in, and manually hit "synchronization". Keep in mind, the box is check for auto synch.

    Seems like it doesn't synch by itself, unless I'm missing something. And when I do hit the synch button, it has to go though all my contact records, and calendar records twice....seems like there has to be a better way.

    Under windows, once you made any changes to outlook, the synch program would detect it, and it would change automatically on your phone.

    Am I missing a setting somewhere along the way?

    Thanks in advance!
    11-24-08 02:55 PM