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    Since a few days when I try to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar with my Storm 9500, it seems to ignore all entries in Outlook 2007 (call this calendar associated with "name@myserver.com" ignore all the entries in my BB that are set to "name@myserver.com" and new entries end up under Default Calendar, despite the fact that I removed that from the BB.

    The end result is that it wants to delete all the entries of "name@myserver.com" from my Outlook, and changes nothing on the BB. I don't want that to happen so I tell the sync process not NOT include those changes (I don't want to loose my Outlook entries!!).

    It is like the sync software does not recognise that the calendar associated with "name@myserver.com" on the BB to be the same as "name@myserver.com" on Outlook. When I click on the BB calendar entry it DOES show "name@myserver.com" as the calendar it is using for the items.

    I tried all the suggestions from deleting all other CICAL email addresses via the Service Book option, I moved all calendar entries to "name@myserver.com" (in Options under Calendar on the BB) and ensured that "name@myserver.com" is the Default Service for CICAL.

    What can be happening, also given that I changed nothing from when the sync issue started to happen last Friday.

    BB desktop software:
    Storm 9500 device software: v., platform
    Default Service for CICAL: "name@myserver.com"
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    Have you tried to change the sync settings in DM so it will only sync from Outlook to the BB. This way, it should not try to delete everything in Outlook.

    I am not clear which entries you want to keep, Outlook or BB or both. If you can live with keeping only Outlook, then you can try this:

    In DM, with the BB connected to the computer, go to Backup/Restore and then advanced. From the dropdown menu scroll down and delete all calendar entries. This will remove all calendar entries from the BB. Then resync from Outlook to the BB.
    09-28-10 10:43 PM