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    I performed an OTA upgrade of my Verizon Storm 2 to v5.0.0.713 a few days ago. The only issue I had at the time was that it had turned on wireless synch for my Contacts (I was using desktop Synch with Outlook). The odd thing was, Contact - Options on the device showed wireless synch as "No". I switched wireless synch to "Yes" and back to "No", rebooted the device, etc. etc. to get the desktop synch working again. Anyway, after wiping my Contacts a few times and re-synching I currently have duplicate entries.

    Even though wireless synch is still "No" - I still periodically get a "Synchronization Warning" (see attached) and had to switch wireless synch to "Yes" and back to "No" to get past this. Looks like wireless synch keeps getting "activated" by itself.

    Now I'm getting an "Intellisync - Connector specific error" and the log shows...

    Synchronize Device Calendar with Microsoft Outlook Calendar
    Internal Error #4238.
    Translation Canceled!

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
    06-25-10 08:14 AM
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    After restarting my device a number of times and pulling the battery - I've gotten to the point where I can synch everything except contacts. A current problem is I can't get rid of the contacts on the device. I've used Backup/Restore from Desktop Manager (Advanced option) to clear the entries on the device. It shows empty in Desktop Mgr but they remain on the device. I've also used the Contacts - Option "rset" approach on the device and it says the entries have been cleared (number of entries is now zero) yet they still remain.

    After rebooting the device a few more times and taking a break I noticed that it was only a subset of my contacts which weren't going away so I was able to delete them one at a time. After reconfiguring the synch of my contacts with Outlook, it let me synch without errors and all my contacts are back without duplicates or other issues. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't think wireless synch is enabled again when it isn't.
    06-25-10 02:18 PM