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    I have searched this forum up and down and I was doing a lot of mentioned things like said in KB14818 and KB01451.

    Unfortunately nothing helped.

    I still get an 0x80040fb3 every time I try to synch Addressbook, Calendar or Tasks.

    And I also get errors while trying to restore the automatic-backup that the storm has created while upgrading from .78 to .88 and then to .90

    I run the latest Desktop Manager which I have de-installed and then reinstalled.

    Thankfully I was able to restore my Addressbook from Backup, but still no synchronisation is possible.

    All Calender entries are gone. Even by letting outlook overrule everything in handheld I still get this 0x80040fb3.

    I am now working on this for 5 hours and I really don't know where to look...

    Does anybody have some help?

    01-22-09 09:18 AM
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    Still i get this error with .90 and my Desktop Manager (on XP).

    But I have a workaround which is working great so far:

    Wireless Synch over Google. And this is how it worked for me:

    1. Open Google-Account and install mail and calendar
    2. Export Outlook-Contacts into .csv and import this in google Mail to your contacts
    3. Download dl.google.com/googlecalendarsync/GoogleCalendarSync_Installer.exe which is a Calendar-Sync for Outlook and let it run
    4. Sync Calendar
    5. use Blackberry and go to m.google.com/sync
    6. Download Google Blackberry Sync-Software
    7. Set multiple-Addresses in your bb-addressbook (so you can get multiple entries for addresses)
    8. Sync Calendar and Contacts via Google Calendar sync

    This just worked fine for me and it is a WORKAROUND to stay in touch with your contacts and calendar-entries.

    But it would be great to have a solution (I don't know why an outlook-sync always must be so difficult to every phone-company)
    01-23-09 02:21 AM
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    After regularly synchronisation with Google Calender my Desktop-Software now works again.

    Although I now have 65 duplicates in Outlook, that I have to handle manually.

    But that is quite less a problem.

    Complete solution took me around 6 hours. If I would have made it with Google in the first, I would have spared myself at least 5 hours.

    So I hope this helps anybody with the same problems and a 0x80040FB3-Error
    01-23-09 04:07 AM