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    I have a Storm 9530. I have been using google calander and sync with no issues. I love google calander bc you can set up multiple calanders with in it and view them as a whole or individually (each also having different color for visual cueing).

    But when I look at the calander on my BB (am able to sync all calanders), they are not separated. Is there a way to sync more than one google (separate) calendar so that I can choose which calander to view or both.

    At one time, when first setting up my BB, there were multiple calendar option but I removed them as I was having duplications.

    This is my first BB and I am a little behind the learning curve. Any suggestion are appreciated.
    06-03-09 02:05 PM
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    I have not found a way to have your multiple Google calendars show up as individual calendars once on the Storm. All Google calendars look the same once on the Storm.

    I'd like this to be fixed... but it isn't a deal breaker currently. I have 6 Google Calendars I'm syncing w/ my Storm and all work great... but I understand your issue.

    If anyone else has found a fix, both of us (and others I'm sure) would appreciate the fix.
    06-03-09 02:21 PM
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    no1 06:00 PM 03-06-2009 -- originally posted in forum below.


    I actually got multiple Google calendars onto my device (Bold) in different colors today by viewing a particular calendar that matched the default services for calendar (advanced options), then logging in and syncing only that calendar.

    I then had to change the calendar being viewed, change the default services for calendar to match, and sync only that calendar. It did create multiple colors from the Google Sync, but it would require major hassles to sync correctly.

    By the way, I set it to sync manually, just to be safe. I did notice that events I changed on the device did not show up online. Hmm?

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    06-03-09 02:30 PM