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    I feel like this should be something incredibly obvious, but I can't seem to figure this one out (and yes, I tried several searches... Maybe I suck at that too...lol).

    Is there a way for me and my fiancée to both use Outlook to sync our Contacts-but NOT share the same contacts? We both have contacts on our Storms that the other wouldn't want, not to mention things like "Work" and "Mom" having different data on our respective devices.

    She made me buy her a Storm, and now I'm running into this problem...I can't be the only one considering the BOGO sale.

    Is there an easy way to do this or am I going to have to set up a Google Contact list for her? It would obviously be more convenient if I could just plug in the USB cable and have it recognize that PIN #1=Contact list 1 and PIN #2=Contact list 2.

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    02-24-09 09:02 AM
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    Here is how I did my Storm and my Wife's Curve:

    In outlook I created another addressbook and titled it for my wife, then I did the same for the calander and all the other stuff like notes. Once I did that and had outlook set up I had to plug in her phone, go into the Desktop Manager clik on the Syncranization select the Device Applications if you have not done that yet. This allows you to sync to outlook. You probably know this already. Once you do that then you click the Advanced button on the bottom right. Select Map Folders at the top and select the new folders you created in Outlook for your wife. This is how I sync my Storm, my work Pearl and my wife's Curve. It seems to work out great.

    A little thing that might help is in Outlook you can copy the address book, calander and all the other stuff then just renaim it and delete all the things in it, I learned that the hard way.

    This is harder typing it out than I thought. It is so much easier to show you. I had a hard time at first and played around with it and found this to the the easiest way to get what I wanted done.
    I hope this helps and was not too confusing.
    You can email me at gwinchester@vzw.blackberry.net if you have any questions.
    02-24-09 09:20 AM
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    Thanks a million... Works like a charm! I didn't realize I could add a new folder inside Outlook's contacts...that would be where I was stumbling.

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    02-24-09 09:44 AM
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    Glad that helped. It took me hours just to finally figure out everything I could do. Now I love it and dont mess with it.
    02-24-09 10:22 AM
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    Or, you could just setup a seperate user account for her in windows.
    02-24-09 10:26 AM