1. HeroBerry's Avatar
    Am I crazy to switch back to my original Storm 9530 from my Moto Droid?

    The Droid just isn't doing it for me anymore for some reason. Besides, the email on it (other than gmail) has been getting on my nerves. I went to go look at the Storm 2 again, but apparently they are being discontinued and are not carried by my local VZW store or BestBuy any more. So it's between my Moto Droid and Storm 1.

    I am not due for an upgrade for a while so a new phone is pretty much out of the question anyway.

    I was playing around with my Storm 1 with the updated OS and it really doesn't seem too bad. used it for a day on and off and there was hardly any lag and it was pretty responsive over all.
    06-02-10 09:45 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Really depends on what you want your phone to do...
    With the .591 OS I can actually use my smartphone as a "PHONE", have a good three bars where over the last 16 months I usually went from one to "searching". (live in a area with very weak signal - but all the dumb phone in my house have worked fine)

    And if Email is a big concern, the even the S1 will do that better than your Droid. But if you want to run applications or browse the internet, then you better stick to the Droid.
    06-03-10 08:49 AM
  3. Toochief's Avatar
    Not at all! I switched from the incredible back to the storm 2. Battery life, keyboard and ease of businness use were my reasons. I miss the "fun" of the droid and the fast internet but 6.0 should fix the later.
    06-03-10 08:57 AM
  4. valorian's Avatar
    VZW should still have the Storm 2 for sale. I havn't heard anything about that being discontinued.
    06-03-10 09:00 AM
  5. jeffmeden's Avatar
    How did you compare the battery life and keyboard ease on the droid after using it for a while? How long have you had the droid? I assume you are out of the 30 day return window?

    I spent a while playing with the droid and the incredible at the verizon store last week. I just kept giving the sales rep the "uh huh... yeah I heard about that... oh ok interesting..." when she was going on about the marketing features since all I wanted to do was test how they felt to use. Honestly, the nice look of the screen on the Droid was almost enough to make me switch, but I didn't like the keyboard (physical or virtual) and I didn't like how thick it was. These are probably things i would just get used to over in time. The screen on the Incredible was far too ugly for me to consider getting, and the keyboard again was kind of a pain compared to my storm.

    I ended up walking away from both, even with the sales rep trying to get me to bite on the BOGO offer and basically getting two replacements for one even though only one line is due (since my wife has a storm too.)
    06-03-10 10:34 AM
  6. HeroBerry's Avatar
    I had the Droid since it's launch. At first I never used the physical keyboard but that grew on me and I got pretty fast using it. Battery life on the Moto Droid is pretty good. Lasts me a full day pretty much and I am a heavy user. There are some days when I have to charge it earlier than bedtime but usually I'm ok.

    I do switch phones a lot though so I've fooled around with quite a few in between, including the Incredible.

    The browser and speed did impress me, but it was short lived for the most part. For some reason, the Blackberry just feels right lol.

    The screens are also amazing on the Moto Droid and the HTC Droid, but they still leave me with a feeling that something is missing.

    I am not really much of an app guy outside of productivity tools, so I do not download games and such on my Droid anyway. I basically use calendar apps, todo and task apps etc. Messaging is my main concern pretty much.

    I'm also considering the Bold 9650.

    Valorian, that's what they told me in the stores I went to. I found it odd myself because I haven't heard anything either, but that was the situation. None in store and that were not getting any more in due to it being discontinued. I saw it was still available on the VZW website so, maybe it was just a local store thing in my area.
    06-03-10 01:57 PM
  7. PolynesianMedic's Avatar
    The only Storm that has been dropped by Verizon is the first one. The 2 should still be available. Unless something else has changed.
    06-03-10 08:54 PM