1. sethjk's Avatar
    So today I'll be switching Storms- Verizon has sent me another new one to fix the screen.
    Here's my question.
    I'm currently running .103. I've already done a full backup of my device (last night). Now, can I just use the "device switch wizard" and have the operating system on my new phone be updated, or, do I ahve to go through the entire update process and than either restore the phone using the backup file I created yesterday or use the switch device feature.

    02-19-09 09:11 AM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    No, the switch wizard does not do OS as well, just user data/preferences and 3rd party apps.

    You need to downgrade the old phone to .75 before you return it as well, no exceptions.

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    02-19-09 10:21 AM
  3. sethjk's Avatar
    Really Civic? even though it was returned only because of the screen? Thanks!
    02-19-09 11:13 AM
  4. bigman2's Avatar
    Really Civic? even though it was returned only because of the screen? Thanks!
    Well, you can send it back with .103, but you might find that they charge you for the replacement for running "unauthorized" software on there. Which, yes, is stupid from the consumer standpoint, but not so much from the business standpoint.
    02-19-09 11:18 AM
  5. sethjk's Avatar
    So basically; as much as it sucks having to update the OS...its going to suck double tonight. Awesome!!!
    02-19-09 04:39 PM
  6. xocuteblondie1x's Avatar
    would you have to remove themes before sending it back too?
    02-20-09 12:51 PM
  7. neolantis's Avatar
    just wipe it with jlcommander, reload 75 and you should be fine. that will take off themes.
    02-20-09 12:53 PM
  8. sethjk's Avatar
    Themes shouldn't be a problem anyway because they're not (at least to my knowledge) unapproved operating system. But alas, I will be wiping the device and reinstalling .75 this weekend.
    Friggin Fed Ex keeps leaving new package slips but no package cause its a new deliveryman and doesn't feel comfortable leaving in my building.
    02-20-09 03:13 PM