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    From as early as I could remember (8 or 9 years old), I have had sweaty hands. Years ago, my parents would fight and yada yada, I'm not going to go spilling a drama on you all haha. Anyway, I thought that that past my have contributed to my "subconscious nervousness" if that even exists, and the reason why I bite my nails and have extremely sweaty hands. I mean, I don't know of anyone in my school/work/area that has hands like this. If you would like, I could even take a picture of one tomorrow and show you the literally GLISTENING sweaty palms.

    Back on topic. I've never experienced a cell phone that has suffered from my sweaty hands (ie, water damage) but I am now more worried than ever. You see, previously my phone was a Razr, and currently a Razr2 and both had very little openings that I saw (if any). But, now that I want to purchase the Blackberry Storm, I am afraid that the gap between the buttons and screen will be a point of concern. I know, I know, the gap is VERY small. I've seen it personally, and indeed it is very small. However, like I've said, I have very sweaty palms that just sweat at the worst time. Example: As I am typing this right now. I worry because if anyone has held a Playstation controller and has used the X,O/etc buttons they know that they are pretty tightly in the hole without too much movement. Yet, my hands have been able to sort of get sweat into that small opening and make one or two buttons hard to push (almost as if it is crusted or a sticky key).

    I think you get where I'm going at this. Is it safe for me to:

    a) Have a touch screen phone of any sort.
    b) Have the Blackberry Storm.

    I asked reps at two verizon locations and they both told me that I should be fine with a screen protector and a grip case, but somehow I have a feeling they are underestimating just how sweaty my hands get.

    Also, another example would be when taking a test/doing work that requires paper and pen, my sweaty palms make the paper crinkle and smudge. I usually wipe my hands on my jeans or a rag nearby, but there are such bad days that my JEANS feel a bit damp or moist. Currently, I've been trying to stop biting my nails and am on day 3 (getting really hard to not bite).

    Sorry, long post, but I just had to get it out to get a firm answer before I waste money.

    Thanks in advance!
    11-20-08 10:21 PM
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    well the gaps around the edges are sealed to prevent any water damage to the circuitry. the only reason there is that gap is to allow the screen to move up and down.

    I would suggest getting the Ghost Armor or Invisible Shield just so you arent holding the actual casing or touching the actual screen. Not sure if the screen can have any sort of harm done from repeatedly being pressed down by moist hands, but just to be on the safe side i'd get that. Also, I would get a silicon case so it's less likely to slip out of your hands.
    11-20-08 10:26 PM
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    i have very sweaty hands as well, i think its just due to genetics because im never nervous and my brother has the same problem. hopefully nothing happens to the phone.
    11-20-08 10:33 PM
  4. Ozren's Avatar
    Any other thoughts? Please, I'd really like as much input on this as possible.
    11-20-08 11:06 PM
  5. brando123b's Avatar
    Lots of Gold Bond foot powder all over the Storm. Make sure you fill every crevice.
    11-20-08 11:12 PM
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    over the counter prescription strength anti-persperants (like Drysol) can help you beat the sweats.. it may take a few applications.. and is kinda sorta super uncomfortable at times.. but hella worth it.
    11-21-08 06:40 AM
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    First of all, go see a dermatologist and get treated (daily medicine) for hyperhidrosis. If you cant see a specialist, your regular doctor can treat it, as well. Eventually, your anticipatory anxiety will lessen significantly after you experience the lower levels of perspiration due to the drugs. Hence, your natural ability (partly due to your hypothalamus calming down with you lower levels of anxiety) to regulate sweat will get better.

    back to the phone.... just get it. Get insurance. You're good....
    11-21-08 05:53 PM
  8. cereal killer's Avatar
    Ozren Botox will solve your problem. Check with a local doctor. People use it with great success for sweaty palms and underarms. Contrary to what you may have heard its not just for wrinkles.

    Good luck!

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    11-21-08 08:01 PM