1. mhonard's Avatar
    OK I know a lot has been written about the edges of the screen but what I can't figure out is why sometimes when I hit a letter on the suretype keyboard (seems to be more in the center of the screen) it acts like a dead spot. If I repeatedly push the letter/key it seems to work OK. Only seems to occur when I am typing emails paying more attention to what I am composing than the keyboard. Its like the screen toggle does not reset fast enough. Result is I do not get the letter I typed. Is this a hardware or operator issue? Maybe I become fatigued and just don't push hard enough. Hard to replicate but equally annoying.
    12-18-08 12:18 PM
  2. jh4for5's Avatar
    Yeah - this happens to me too. I think it all depends on where the screen sensor picks up your fingertip. For me sometimes I'll be typing with the top leters on the board and the screen things I actually hit the body of the message and takes down the keyboard thinking I'm trying to select something. Most of the time it's b/c I'm typing too damn fast!
    12-18-08 12:22 PM