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    Me: very tech-savvy but haven't spent too much time on the PDA/BB side of the world...

    - I'm moving to the UK with my Verizon 9530. Will travel around Western Europe, but mainly UK-based.

    - I will be in Europe under 12 months but at least 6 months.

    - I haven't unlocked my Verizon SIM or my BIS PIN -- sounds like these are separate issues.

    - I need e-mail access, preferably through BIS.

    - No need for a BES connection.

    - If I can cut out a broadband internet expense and use my 9530 as a tethered modem -- worth it? -- that would be ideal.

    So, I'm wondering what my best options are:
    1. Get a new phone in UK vs. bring my 9530
    2. Use my 9530 as a tethered modem instead of broadband?

    If I take my 9530 with me, my crackberry.com reading has taught me I'll need to do the following:
    1. Unlock SIM for global use with Verizon
    2. Unlock BIS PIN with Verizon
    3. Find a GSM service provider in the UK... does it matter which one?
    4. GSM provider gives me new SIM and sets me up through their BIS
    5. May require some weird updating of BB service books? Does the service provider do that?

    Any corrections, tips, or hints are much appreciated!
    03-28-09 09:33 PM