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    I haven't seen this option anywhere on the Storm, so I would like to suggest it to whomever trolls these boards to see what the crazies think. I would like to see an option to disable graphical transitions/effects on the device with a new software release. Not because I find them slow, or because they slow down the device, but because they're simply aesthetic in nature and accordingly, there should be an option to disable. This precedent is set in just about every modern operating system; they all have graphical goodies, but they can all be turned off.

    While I think they look cool (sometimes) and usually don't slow down the phone, I have no use for them, and I think that most people would probably agree. You don't need to swipe the screen to the left and the menu bar to the right (like in the browser, etc). It may be hampering performance because there is no hardware gfx acceleration, but we wouldn't know. Same with pulling the keyboard up; instead of it sliding up when I open it, just have it appear and resize the rest of the screen accordingly.

    I've always taken advantage of this option in the past, when I am afforded it. I like eliminating things that can hinder performance when they're simply pretty... I don't know why, I just like knowing that I have my device performing at it's highest ability to do what I want it to do, not what it wants to show me. Another I wish I could (have) eliminated was in the old Xbox 360 software (gone since the update a week or two ago) was when pressing the Xbox key on the controller, the menu would sachet in from the side. No need. Just show it. Same with the Storm.

    I know I managed to make this completely lacking in eloquence, but the point remains: any non-functional graphical transitions/etc. should be user disable-able (haha, wow, that's weird looking but I can't think of a better word).
    11-26-08 01:57 PM