1. katiiegm's Avatar
    I got my first Storm in late November and replaced it for clicking issues. I am running .75 and have been delighted with the phone - until today. It is like it ground to a halt. I could not select items on the menu - - it would not move from one item to the next or sometimes it would not open the application. When I tried to scroll up or down in a message list it kept switching into select mode and highlighting the messages rather than scrolling through them; the keyboard would not switch between landscape and portrait or it would show both at the same time. When I was trying to type a message it would jump to the bottom of the message

    I pulled the battery several times and it helped a little but then it went back to running erratically. I ran Memory cleaner - again for a short-lived improvement only. I deleted the new Google Latitude as well as the beta versions of ToDO Matrix, Idea Matrix and Alert matrix and it seemed to be working better but then in time it was back to serious sluggishness. I checked the memory and I have 34 MB which should be enough. The only 3rd party apps left are Garmin.

    Has anyone had this problem pop up? Any suggestions for fixing it? I have been defending this phone to all the critics but now I am feeing a bit betrayed.

    02-11-09 11:11 PM
  2. njbourne23's Avatar
    so you already cleared the cach thing to by bringing up the keyboard and pushing and holding the numbers button and then clicking " and the / button repeatedly until the list pops up and you clear it?

    02-11-09 11:17 PM