1. haroon.choudery's Avatar
    Ever since I have came back from Pakistan, every time I reset my Storm, an error message shows up showing "uncaught exception: no application instance". This was not a problem before I went to Pakistan and my whole phone is running much worse than it was. During my trip, I plugged the Storm into a computer and a s**t load of viruses infected files on my phone. The media card did not work and when I got back to America, I deleted the viruses using Malwarebyte. I also upgraded my OS to .141, still getting the error message and to tell you the truth, I can't stand this OS!!! This is the first OS that is making my phone suck and I have never had problems with my phone before this. If anyone knows why this error message is popping up, please tell me! Also, I wanted to upgrade my OS from .141 to the .141/5.0 hybrid but I don't know how to upgrade to a hybrid OS. Easy-to-understand instructions would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!!
    05-18-09 04:39 PM
  2. adidas1124's Avatar
    Something while you were overseas is what caused the error message... with all the crap you had infect your files its not surprising... I really doubt this has anything to do with your firmware version.

    I would look for JLcommander (sp) and completely wipe the phone and reload firmware... there are plenty of threads with this info... follow them carefully... and you may have to rebuild your calendar, contacts and such manually since they may be infected too... and if you do a backup you are just backing up the infected files.
    05-18-09 05:47 PM
  3. patches152's Avatar
    +1, the wipe and re-install is the best idea.

    i doubt any of the viruses did anything but corrupt the files, there aren't really "blackberry viruses"...if there were, it'd just crash your memory and bring the phone to a crawl. not enough power to run anything important.
    05-18-09 05:49 PM
  4. dtubbs06's Avatar
    + 1 Do a wipe, and start with a fresh OS install.

    Also what is your network set to Options > Mobile Network > Network Technology

    I have seen others post that if it is set to Global, they get a similar error, but setting it to 1XEV fixed it, something about it being a SIM card error??
    05-18-09 05:52 PM
  5. greydarrah's Avatar
    I also recommend the wipe, but with the viruses, you should probably re-format your sd card. Then install .132 OS and from there, go to this thread (http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/95...d-beta-204517/). You can download Lyricidal's .141/5.0 installer (it's the 9530 5.0Hybrid.exe) and install the hybrid. After putting on .132, the hybrid exe is super simple to install. The instructions are in the above mentioned thread. It's the best OS I've run so far.

    05-18-09 06:16 PM