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    So im kinda new to this, but im not new to blackberrys ive had one for over 2 years now, ive done my reaserch on this particular situation for over 48 hrs straight if i didnt need sleep & for the life of me i cant figure it out im still getting same results .. im going about it like my storm was nuked because all it does it flash the red light, it starts to turn on then right back to the red light and so on and so forth so get the picture? ive been trying to upload it the way most people say you should threw all these threads which is with batt. out & app loader then put batt. back in before it completely starts the upload, problem is that halfway threw, it turns back off and on and starts doing that again so it wont let me get the os back on no matter how many times ive tried because like i said ive read on it & i know sometimes it takes awhile i cant get it and im about to give up, so before i throw my storm out the window any suggestions ?, please & thank you hopefully i can keep my phone
    06-15-10 02:19 AM