1. eggie18's Avatar
    I posted on here around a week ago about my problem with a phantom/non existant red star notification on my sms icon, as well as the red star not showing up other days on my email. This only occured when I switched to 113, and then I switched to .141 and it's still there. I cleared the message/email databases and the problem still exists, tried a theme, problem still exists.

    Now I'm going to try to wipe my phone and re-upload .141 back onto it to see if this maybe helps the problem. Should I do a handheld wipe or do a FULL j_whatever wipe? I'm not sure about if either will help the problem but would one be more successful? Thanks for the help.
    05-13-09 02:36 PM
  2. sanki's Avatar
    I've had a similar problem, but I also got an error like: uncaught.java.exception... It was a problem with the theme. Let me know if you get such error.
    05-13-09 02:42 PM
  3. bigslam123's Avatar
    Did you change your grid layout from the default? This caused alot of people, myself included, to get phantom notifications and/or no notifications at all.
    05-13-09 02:44 PM
  4. eggie18's Avatar
    No error, just doesn't appear or stays for long periods of time.

    I'm not sure if I did change the grid layout, what does that mean? Like switch from 4X4 to 3X3 or something? I think I did once then changed it back a day later or so.
    05-13-09 07:33 PM