1. dojohnso's Avatar
    My storm just started keeping a new email icon (without the red start) as well as a count of (1) in the icon for the gmail for blackberry email app. Well, the count is 1 + number of actual new emails.

    I've done battery pulls, checked saved message folders, deleted all emails, even removed my gmail account and readded it. I checked my gmail online and found one unread email that got archived somehow... perhaps via my phone. So maybe it's an archived email somewhere on my phone. How can I access that? (it's not in my hidden Messages app. I keep my emails out of that list)
    Ok, so as I'm typing this I realized that the archive is probably what it was, so I'll just post this and maybe it'll help someone else someday. I went to the menu and to Filter, then clicked Archive and sure enough, there was the unread email. Opened, notification gone.
    05-13-10 01:55 AM