1. getajob92's Avatar
    I'm wondering how to stream a radio show that my friend broadcasts online through my BB Storm2.

    I've already been able to stream one of my friend's shows off of KRLX.org by going into Opera (BB Browser wouldn't work), going to the site, hitting "High Quality," and downloading the file to my music playlists folder. Then I could just go open the file and the standard Blackberry media player would come up and stream the show.

    I've had plenty of trouble navigating this other site, though. Home
    Eventually I was able to download a file called listen.pls which is presumably the the correct file to open when streaming (though no shows are on air at the moment so I'm not able to test it). My problem is that I can't see the file anywhere. I've tried downloading it to multiple folders on my BB with no luck. Does it just not support .pls files, or do I need to nab some software/apps, or what?
    11-07-10 07:12 AM