1. StorminTrojan's Avatar
    I've done a search but I'm uncertain if the issues mentioned are as same as mine.

    I recently received an email from donotreply@blackberry.com that only said that my requested password was: xxxxx. Only thing is, I didn't ask for a password. Then I noticed a little later all my email accounts disappeared.
    Anyone had this issue or know what is going on? I would setup my accts again, but I'm wondering if (if possible) that my phone got hacked??
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    06-27-10 06:35 PM
  2. carlos31820's Avatar
    Log into BIS on the web and see if your email accounts are there. If they are and your BIS pin is still the same as your phone's pin, try resending the service books.

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    06-28-10 06:04 AM