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    I've had my storm for ~2 months(running .75) and have had no major problems. About 2 weeks ago, the pop up option lists, whether it was for sound profiles, deleting message options, or scheduling, spontaneously changed. For example, when I want to change my sound profile, I would click the sound icon. Instead of all the options (loud, normal, medium, silent...) showing up in one field, they would be all spaced out. I now have to scroll down to select the appropriate choice. I can't figure out why this has happened. I've tried quickpulling multiple times. No luck.
    This is where it gets a little wierd. Yesterday, I passed by the Verizon kiosk in my local mall. I figured they may know why this was happening. So I tried to show them the funky pop up lists. Predictably, all the lists were back to their normal appearance. They looked at me like I was crazy. But I figured, OK, whatever, problem solved.
    I left the mall. And ten minutes later, my storm was back to it's screwy tricks. What's going on here?
    02-27-09 11:28 AM