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    I have a Parrot CK3000 handsfree bluetooth unit installed in my car. It usually works fine with my BB Storm. I can receive calls, and use voice dial to start them. The in-dash microphone and radio speakers work as expected...usually.

    Strangness occurs everytime after a battery pull (or software reboot via Quickpull). The BB unit still syncs to the Parrott (I get a bleep and the sync symbol appears on the BB screen), however the car speaker does not appear to be involved with the BB anymore. Example: If I hit the dash button to launch a voice-dial call, the BB "speaks" the "please say a command" but the car speaker does not.

    If I disconnect the BB from the car bluetooth and reconnect, everything works fine again, and continues to do so until the next batter pull.

    I'm new to Blackberry...is this normal?
    02-23-09 08:59 PM