02-11-09 11:35 PM
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  1. a_and_f's Avatar
    Got my replacement this weekend (the buttons fell off my first one) and it's flawless. It was built 12/28/08 in Mexico and (so far) has no problems. The click is perfect everywhere on the screen including the infamous corners, switching apps is fast, and even the browser speed seems faster.
    01-05-09 03:10 PM
  2. RyanGrob's Avatar
    everywhere. Some of those store people are either really clueless or liars (or both)

    I just received a replacement and it says 1/15 for any phones bought between 11/16 and 12/15 right on the receipt in bold letters.
    refer to this thread for more clarification if you don't believe me:

    01-05-09 03:13 PM
  3. elemeno0pee's Avatar
    I got one Dec 20th or so... and the screen was HORRIBLE. The bottom left side of it wouldn't even click. Got a replacement on Dec 29th, and it's AMAZING. Not a single issue and the screen works like a dream.

    I'm 100% satisfied with my build from Dec 29th.
    01-05-09 03:35 PM
  4. buddy5582's Avatar
    My dilemma: I have the lower left screen click issue and am within my 30 days to take it back to the store to receive a replacement. I called them this morning and asked about the mfg date of the phones they have in stock. Was hoping to get as recent one as possible. The one I have is 12/17/08 Mexico, they have a 12/26 Mexico in stock should I bother taking to the store or try getting a replacement shipped?

    02-10-09 11:07 AM
  5. Laren's Avatar
    Mine was built in Mexico in mid-January and is a fantastic phone.

    The screen clicks uniformly and is very responsive. It's a tight screen, and while its design necessitates the "gap" and "wobble", I find that my screen is tight and doesn't have a big gap or any more "freedom of movement" than it should.

    I have absolutely no dust issues. I keep my Storm holstered when out and about and out of the holster when at home. It is naked except for the factory screen protector.

    I don't know if zero is the norm for light leakage around the buttons; I can say that it is absolutely minimal for me and I only really notice it if I'm looking for it. It doesn't bother me at all. The buttons themselves have remained securely in place. I have even accidentally snagged the send key on my holster a couple times and it hasn't been loosened by it.

    Overall I would say that my phone has an excellent build. I have experienced NO hardware problems whatsoever, and the .75 software runs great on this phone. I have a few minor problems with the software, but nothing that renders the phone unusable.

    I am so in love with this phone. I feel like I hit the jackpot and that this is what a Storm should be. DON'T GIVE UP, GUYS! Get a newer phone if you can, I think that build quality and/or QC has improved dramatically since the first batch was released.
    02-10-09 11:20 AM
  6. pounder001's Avatar
    Just got mine from Verizon yesterday, I'm hoping for good things
    02-10-09 12:27 PM
  7. conazo's Avatar
    where do i look to see when my storm was manufactured?
    02-10-09 02:30 PM
  8. Rider-on-the-storm's Avatar
    I got mine on the 16th of Jan, no problems with the popular known issues.
    02-10-09 03:03 PM
  9. Mikelas's Avatar
    I bought mine on January 2nd and have none of the issues. Very happy so far with the phone.
    I'll second that. Over a month later with no problems. I do have a gap around the screen but don't we all.
    02-10-09 03:41 PM
  10. onedoteight's Avatar
    i got mine on Feb 7th. Mine was a little slow once I started installing 3rd party apps. Updated to .99 and now it runs like a champ.
    02-10-09 03:45 PM
  11. dogosaur's Avatar
    I've often wondered about this. A friend of mine bought the first 2 Storms sold in the Tacoma, WA area from the Tacoma VzN Store. Both were buggy and had battery issues, memory issues, freezing, crashing, restarting and just about every horror story you could think of. About a week ago he finally gave up and gave them back and went and bought a couple of iPhones. He's happy so far but openly sceptical about AT&T coverage.

    I missed the 1st batch and ordered mine through the mail. I was supposed to get it Dec 5 but was told by my VzN rep that all phones were being held back while they did "something" to them. Mine would be delayed 2 days while they made adjustments. They were exactly right and I got my phone on Dec 8. My battery life wasn't to hot but was certainly tolerable. That was the ONLY issue. With v.99 I can easily go 3 days. I installed OS v.75 > v.85 > v.99. V.99 is where I am now but I could just as well have still been back at v.75 although I do like the vertical qwerty keyboard.

    I really wonder what that "something" was that they did to the Storms that held them up and I wonder too, if the 1st iteration has a lot more problems than the 2nd...3rd etc. I never have called to get an answer. Any idea's or similar experiences.
    02-10-09 05:16 PM
  12. sbaran's Avatar
    I got my Storm in December and have had NONE of the hardware issues everyone seems to be complaining about. I've also installed ALL of the leaked OS's and after a week or 2 of using them...always end up going back to .75. There's a reason the leaked OS's aren't made official. )
    02-10-09 05:24 PM
  13. The Blackberry Veteran's Avatar
    got mine last night and is it wonderful! and beautiful!
    02-10-09 05:25 PM
  14. pre me's Avatar
    I got my storm the day it came out in the US, as did one of my friends. Mine is made in Canada as were his first two. But he had to get them replaced through insurance (one due to dust under the screen and one due to water damage). He now has a device which was made in Mexico and he complains that it has far more glitches than his previous two phones. We have both tried leaked versions of software (i currently use .99). He upgraded to .99 when it was released but complained of all kinds of problems which I never saw when I upgraded. He complains of things like horrible battery life and said Weather Bug would not work for him whatsoever. I have had none of these problems and he is convinced that his build from Mexico is inferior to mine and his previous phones which were made in Canada.

    Take it for what its worth.

    P.S. We use almost the exact same applications and have about the same amount of usage as far as battery life is concerned.
    02-10-09 06:11 PM
  15. ThePerfectStorm's Avatar
    Me and my wife both got ours last monday (the 2nd). We are both running .99 and haven't noticed anything bad so far. Also we haven't noticed any dust under the screen, but my phone does have a noticable gap at the top and bottom. The gap bugs me a bit, but everything is running good for the most part and my screen clicks everywhere (even the corners) so i'm not going to rush into taking it back just because of the gaps.........
    02-10-09 06:22 PM
  16. BlackberryStorm98's Avatar
    I have my original storm, I got i on Dec 3rd and it was made in Mexico. It works perfectly
    02-10-09 06:54 PM
  17. colls's Avatar
    I got mine out of the first batch and boi oh boi were there probs, swapped it 4times, most recent came 2-3wks ago, not one issue has popped up, they must have tweeked it.
    02-10-09 07:12 PM
  18. Safarii's Avatar
    I want a new storm...

    I had my first one... ****....
    Got my second... Again crap...
    30 days later cant get a new one... is there any way i Can
    02-10-09 07:19 PM
  19. tasims's Avatar
    Got mine Jan. 16, no dust under the screen, no hardware problems. I did notice dust accumulating around the edges of the screen today. Brushed it out with a computer keyboard brush and it cleaned it well.
    02-10-09 08:11 PM
  20. bmerdinian's Avatar
    where do i look to see when my storm was manufactured?

    under battery on the phone
    02-10-09 08:23 PM
  21. JuniorD's Avatar
    Got mine for Christmas was manufactured a few days before. Only have a slight click problem which I fixed with a small alize of a business card.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-10-09 08:26 PM
  22. jfriz81579's Avatar
    I want a new storm...

    I had my first one... ****....
    Got my second... Again crap...
    30 days later cant get a new one... is there any way i Can
    got insurance...cuz if it "breaks" or gets "lost" you can get a new one for $50
    02-10-09 08:42 PM
  23. bmerdinian's Avatar
    where do i look to see when my storm was manufactured?

    under battery on the phone
    02-10-09 08:47 PM
  24. Terrigno's Avatar
    got insurance...cuz if it "breaks" or gets "lost" you can get a new one for $50
    I dont think either Canada or Mexico makes a diffrence. I have Storms from both areas and there both working fine.
    02-10-09 08:55 PM
  25. Sniperet's Avatar
    under battery on the phone
    I thought I must have missed something so I got out my magnifying glass and opened up my Storm. Just where are you finding a date under the battery?

    The only place I know of that list a manufacture date is the box label.

    BTW mine was made mid January in Mexico and had a slight click problem that took me 30 seconds to fix with a jewelers screwdriver by backing off a half turn on the two case screws. Other than that it is great.
    02-10-09 09:18 PM
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