1. tstens11's Avatar
    Does anyone have a Storm2 working on ATT. Looking to switch carriers.
    06-20-10 09:51 PM
  2. troubledforlife's Avatar
    I do just have the service books put onto it if not u could have issue with ur mms. other than that works good for me
    06-20-10 10:31 PM
  3. PeNZ's Avatar
    I do as well, you won't be able to have 3G tho.

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    06-21-10 10:10 AM
  4. Fnord's Avatar
    There are a bunch of threads around here that will help you out with howto's on getting setup on AT&T.

    A simple search should do the trick.
    06-21-10 10:18 AM
  5. tstens11's Avatar
    Yes i am aware of the threads, posts and all. Just curious if people are having problems since Tmobile is having problems with Storm 1 on their service. I know i wont have 3G not worried just curious if they are having issuses. No service book, no Host Routing Table. Let me know
    06-21-10 03:45 PM