1. kwogfive's Avatar
    I am having trouble getting my Storm2 to connect to my computer when I plug in the usb cable. I get the screen on my blackberry showing the computer and blackberry with an arrow between them, then its gone in less than a second. Device manager shows that it connects long enough to be recognized. In device manager it shows connected, but when I minimize it and bring it back up there is no device in the list. I have mass storage mode turned on and I am using XP. Windows explorer also has no listing for my phone or card. I was able to get it to work a few weeks ago when I got the phone because I transferred my music to the Storm's card.

    Troubleshooter please help me out here. I need to transfer some files to my phone to view at work when I am out of the office and I cant get it done.

    Thanks in advance

    10-19-10 08:45 AM
  2. Feeeeg's Avatar
    First things first,

    If you are pc savvy, I would go into your program list and remove/uninstall everything that has to do with bb,

    Reinstall dm, and reconnect phone, allow pc to auto install drivers, give that a try and let us know,,, otherwise maybe you have bad usb cable.

    Please also try a different usb port on the pc.

    Also if you get a mem card adaptor, if all else fails you can use that and transfer the files straight to the card without using th phone.
    10-19-10 09:18 AM
  3. Sacred_User's Avatar
    That happened with my old pearl 8100, I had to wiggle it around, set the cord in specific ways and if it was even bumped the slightest little bit it would disconnect.

    I'm guessing you have a bad cord.
    10-19-10 09:15 PM