1. ricarpie's Avatar
    I've been having an issue with my Storm2. For the past 9 days, I have been getting booted off of the BB sesrvice. I'm not on an Enterprise Network, this is my personal phone. My carrier is Verizon. Went to VzW and the two people I've dealt with so far don't know what it keeps happening.

    Problem: Become "unregistered" on BB server with VzW and can not use BB IM program. Can not open up a chat screen with any of the contacts. The furthest I can go into the IM app is to see my list of contacts. I still get notification of received messages, but can not reply to any contacts nor can I open a new chat with any contacts.

    Solution (so far): I have run diagnostic test app and see that I am not registered on BB server. VzW techs do not know why this is happening. He attempted to reconnect by running the diagnostic tool, but nothing happened. In the end, he ended up doing the old standby: full power off, pull the battery, wait a minute or two, reinstall the battery, and then have fun re-customizing everything since most of my features and settings seem to reset.

    Is anyone else having a similar issue? If so, have you come up with a different, more effective solution? Thank you.

    PS: cross-posted this on the sticky thread "Storm2 Problems, Post Here".
    07-14-10 06:05 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    If your settings reset after a battery pull then there is something wrong with your OS software. Possibly the internal battery used to retain settings. Settings will remain even through a battery pull. I would recommend replacing the BB in any case.

    Or replace the OS. Go with the OS first. Easier and quicker.
    07-14-10 07:46 AM