1. jetman1287's Avatar
    Except for lower app memory. Can still run the latest OS 5 software. Only limitation is LESS apps, it's not like you can't run any apps. And BlackBerry apps are mostly laggy, with bad UI's and are expensive, so you're not missing out on too much.

    There's this misconception out there that if you get a new Bold or Storm refresh you'll get a much better phone. You get higher app memory but otherwise that's not the case. A little sad we're looking at the same software problems from 2 years ago, no?
    08-02-10 11:25 AM
  2. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    I ran 419 on my Storm and had no problems. I liked my Storm a lot, and thought that S2 would be a good upgrade. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The extra memory and wifi are nice, but the OS releases were awful. The best one available was 451 which was a leak, and it far outpaced any official VZW release. I regret selling my Storm!
    08-02-10 11:39 AM
  3. Turkey_Sub78's Avatar
    I had a Storm 9500 from release. I loved it but there was problems with the OS. Then when OS 5.0 arrived...the problems were gone and I had an amazing phone! However since buying a Bold 9700 recently it has taken on the roll of being my clock next to my bed!
    08-02-10 12:39 PM