1. solcalcutie07's Avatar
    I have the 9530 Storm 1, with the v5.0.0 OS. I had to get it replaced about two months ago because my old one (also my original phone..making the one i have now the first replacement) kept freezing up, so I'd have to do battery pull after battery pull until finally it froze and wouldn't reboot again. So since I have insurance on my phone Verizon took my battery and memory card and put it in a new phone. I did all the backup stuff beforehand so everything seemed fine.

    So here is my problem. Back when i first got my phone I discovered mxyer.com and began making ringtones from songs I love. They worked fine. But now, when I go to play one, it skips down two songs and plays that one. (so it doesn't skip down to the next one, it passes that tone and plays the next one. am i making sense? I sure hope so!)

    Does anyone out there know why this might be? Is it a mxyer issue? Or did I do something wrong when I used the computer manager to restore everything on the new phone? Any help would be great.
    08-17-10 02:31 PM
  2. willie498's Avatar
    Most likely, I'm guessing it's because mxyer doesn't like to play with the storm. Otherwise, I don't see why it would do that lol.
    08-23-10 12:49 AM